European Network for Durable Reinforcement and Rehabilitation Solutions

Contract Number: MC-ITN-2013-607851


Overview The University aims at being a University Without Walls, completely turned towards the surrounding socioeconomic environment. The level of interaction with the external community, in all fields of knowledge and culture, is rather high. International activities are intense not only with the Portuguese-speaking countries but also with other countries from all continents. UMINHO is a research university, engaged in the valorisation of the chain of knowledge - Research, Development and Innovation and is one of the top 20 Universities in Portugal.
People Prof. Joaquim António Oliveira Barros, Leader of the SC; Structural Concrete, FRP-based structural strengthening, FEM developer.
Dr. José Manuel Sena Cruz; Associate Professor; NSM technique, FEM developer.
Dr. Salvador José Esteves Dias; Assistant Professor; FRP-based Shear strengthening, Experimental research.
Dr. Miguel Ângelo Dias Azenha; Assistant Professor; Structural Concrete; analytical and numerical research.
Dr. Isabel Valente; Assistant Professor; FRP-concrete connections and experimental research.
Dr. Eduardo Nuno Borges Pereira; Assistant Professor; Innovative FRC-FRP systems; FEM developer
Key Research Activities

The Structural Composites of the Department of Civil Engineering of Minho University has its main research focus in two areas: Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC) and Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) materials for the structural strengthening and rehabilitation. Since 1996 the SC is carrying out experimental, analytical and numerical research in FRC and FRP areas. The group has also relevant expertise on numerical modelling, with some members having co-authored the FEM-based FEMIX computer program.