European Network for Durable Reinforcement and Rehabilitation Solutions

Contract Number: MC-ITN-2013-607851


Overview The Department of Structural and Transportation Engineering has 25 academics and 25 PhD students. The Department offers several post-graduate courses and is involved in 4 PhD schools on structural engineering. Research carried out in the Department of Structural and Transportation Engineering covers a number of aspects of concrete materials, masonry, structural steel, structural behaviour with experimental, analytical and numerical approaches, structural analysis and design. Currently, there are 5 academics, 1 experienced researcher and 5 PhD students working in the field of composites in construction.
People Dr. Carlo Pellegrino; Assistant Professor; Structural Concrete and Steel, FRP.
Prof. Claudio Modena; Full Professor; Structural Concrete, Masonry, FRP, Earthquake Engineering.
Dr. Maria Rosa Valluzzi; Assistant Professor; Masonry, FRP.
Dr. Valentina Salomoni; Assistant Professor; Structural Concrete, FRP, Numerical methods.
Prof. Carmelo Maiorana; Full Professor; Structural Concrete, FRP, Numerical methods.
Key Research Activities The group's activities encompass experimental and theoretical mechanics, numerical methods, material modelling, analytical models, earthquake engineering, bridges. The team leads or participates in some major National and International Scientific Committees and Learned Societies in the field (fib, ACI, RILEM, IIFC, IABSE, IABMAS, IALLCE, AICAP, CTA, ANIDIS). The team chairs the RILEM Technical Committee 234-DUC "Design procedures for the use of composites in strengthening of Reinforced Concrete structures" and the RILEM Technical Committee 223-MSC "Masonry strengthening with composite materials".