European Network for Durable Reinforcement and Rehabilitation Solutions

Contract Number: MC-ITN-2013-607851


Overview The Division of Structural Engineering is one of the seven divisions of the Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering at Luleå University of Technology. We are specialised in design and construction of Steel, Concrete and Timber structures accompanied by Fibre Reinforcement Polymer strengthening and Ice technology. The Division of Structural Engineering is recognized for world-class research in the traditional areas such as strength of structures as well as in fields such as repair and strengthening technology, industrial flexible construction, risk and safety and information technology in construction. All experimental tests on structural elements are carried out in a modern and fully equipped laboratory and assisted by qualified personal. The Structural Engineering Division is member of the "Swedish graduate school in Structural Engineering", which provides more than ten advanced courses for post-graduate students and researchers.
People Prof. Björn Täljsten; Professor; FRP, Structural Concrete, Structural Health Monitoring.
Dr. Thomas Blanksvärd; Lecturer; FRP, Structural concrete, Structural bonding, cementitious composites
Six PhD students presented successfully their dissertation during the last 10 year in the field of strengthening and rehabilitation using fibre reinforced polymers. Currently 5 PhD students are studying composite materials in constructions.
Key Research Activities

The team is in particular strong in assessment, repair and strengthening of existing concrete and steel structures and has a world-leading research group in this field. We also have high competence in numerical modelling and monitoring of RC structures. Several innovative solutions for concrete strengthening have been developed, i.e. NSMR for concrete structures, pre-stressed CFRP tubes for strengthening of railway bridges, mechanical anchorage for pre-stressed FRP, theoretical models for assessing the shear capacity for RC beams. The group participated actively in designing and executing numerous strengthening works during the last years and performed a full scale test on a railway bridge strengthened with NSMR. The members of group are leaders in all major national committees and members of numerous International Scientific Committees in the field (fib, ACI). Our combined publication record includes more than 200 peer reviewed publications, numerous technical reports and five editions of the first Swedish design guideline for FRP strengthening of RC structures.