European Network for Durable Reinforcement and Rehabilitation Solutions

Contract Number: MC-ITN-2013-607851

Overview The Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Patras enjoys world-wide recognition in the field of structural and earthquake engineering. Its structures group offers top-level graduate education through a comprehensive studies program involving advanced subjects and innovative research, including courses within the framework of two Erasmus Mundus Programmes in Structural and Earthquake Engineering: (a) MEEES; (b) EU-NICE.
People Prof. Thanasis Triantafillou, Scientist-in-charge; Director of Structural Materials Lab, convenor of fib TG 9.3 WP-EBR and member of ACI 440 and RILEM Committees; Materials, FRP and cement-based composites, seismic retrofitting.
Prof. Michael Fardis; Professor, Director of Structures Lab, Honorary President of fib and Convenor of fib TG on Seismic Design; Structural concrete, FRP, earthquake engineering.
Prof. Stathis Bousias; Assoc. Professor; Structural concrete, experimental techniques.
Dr. Corina Papanicolaou; Assist. Professor, member of RILEM's Committee on Advanced Composites in Concrete and Masonry; Materials, mechanics, FRP and cement-based composites.
Key Research Activities

The group's activities encompass structural concrete and masonry, advanced composite materials, experimental techniques and earthquake engineering. The Department has unique laboratories for experimental research in materials and structural engineering, which are the best in the country and among the top in Europe. They include: The Structural Materials Lab, which is fully equipped for tests on materials and structural elements; the Structures Lab, with two large reaction walls and a strong floor, fully equipped to offer pseudo-dynamic testing capabilities; and the new Shaking Table Facility, with an acceleration capacity of 1.5g.